Chapter 2

Disclaimer: Yes, I own Dawson's Creek. I am *extremely* wealthy and own the rights to a surplus of teen horror movies and tv shows. I am a screenwriting genius, yet this story seemed to have originated from a fifth-grader with a dirty mouth. Even though I could be spending my time getting rich by writing real TV shows and movies, I waste my time on this P.O.S. fanfic. Ah, yeah, this is the way to live. Oh yeah, I also own all the rights to Ferris Bueller's day off, even thought I was just a "youngin" when it was made. Please also note that I am a compulsive liar.

Author's Note: Sorry this chapter is kinda short, but I can only write so much before it's like pulling teeth to get inspired.


"Joey are you ready yet?" Bessie asked, getting anxious. It was 7:06.

"Yeah, Bess, hold on a sec!" she called from an unknown room in the house.

"Well hurry up! Pacey is sitting outside waiting for you!'

"God forbid I keep *him* waiting."

"Shut up and get out here Joey!"

"I'm coming," she said, emerging from the bathroom, "Why do I get the feeling that this is going to be the trip from hell?"

"Because youre gonna miss your flight if you don't get your ass outside and into that truck!"

"Yeah, I'm going, I'm going."

Despite her sadness about not seeing Dawson for a whole summer, Joey still managed to keep up that smartass attitude of hers. She headed outside towards "Pacey's" truck, which he probably took from his dad, thinking about how she'd probably return home in a body bag.

"Let's go, blondie." She said, referring to his recently bleached hair.

"Yes, master," he said, the sarcasm in his voice more obvious than...well, something very obvious.

"Keep that attitude up and you'll be missing a testicle," she said as he attempted to start the car.

"Oh, I wince at the thought," he retorted, pulling out of the driveway. Great comeback, Pace. *Dawson* could do better than that, he thought to himself.

He sped down the streets of Capeside until he finally reached the exit to the freeway. He glanced over at Joey, who was staring out the window with the thoughtful expression on her face. He was in the mood to bicker.

"You know, if I didn't know better, I might have mistaken you for a normal person pondering the meaning of life while taking an early morning cruise down the freeway."

"Yeah, and if I didn't know better I would have slaughtered you when I was 9, what's your point?"

"Feel free to slaughter me now, if you please," he said with a sideways grin.

"As much as I would like to, I need someone to go on this trip with. Sorry," finally, realizing what he was hinting, she added, "And don't be a rotten escort just because And--she's gone for a little while. You know she'll be back. You don't see me all upset over Dawson, now do ya?"

"No." he whispered. They rode the rest if the way to the airport in silence.

"Pacey, I didn't mean to upset you with what I said in the car," Joey said, upon taking her seat in the car.

"I know, it's's really hard, you know?" he paused. "Dawson went to Philly to be with his mom and to get some experience with cameras and whatnot. Andie left because she It's entirely different."

"I see. I don't empathize, but I see what you're getting at."

"It's okay, though. I'm not going to ruin a free trip by worrying. Sun, lots of Coke, malls--REAL malls, clubs...this is going to be great...when we're not at that convention anyway."

"Clubs? Pacey, you can't get into clubs when you're 16."

"Ah, but see, I did my fair share of research on the 'net at the library. Underage clubs. Paradox, Nitro, Electric Blue, Cantina...all underage."**Author's note: All of these places are real, trust me. Actually I don't know about Nitro, but I'm pretty sure that's one of 'em. And Paradox may not be underage, but we can pretend. Author's license.**

"Someone was busy. Anyway, I am *not* going clubbing with *you*."

"Who said I wanted you to?" he said, looking over at her and smiling. She looked embarrassed. "I'm just kiddin' around, Jo. Lighten up a little! Finally, a week away from Smalltown, USA, and you're all uptight! If I stuck a lump of coal up your ass in two weeks I'd have a diamond."

"Quoting movies again, eh?"

"Gotta love Ferris Bueller. Come on. Plus, somebody's gotta take over for more ways than one. Heh heh heh."



"Shut up."

"As you wish..."

"Welcome to Hartsfield International Airport. It's currently 95 degrees outside and sunny. Please remember to remove all of your belongings from the plane and thank you for flying Delta Airlines." the flight attendant spoke over the intercom as a herd of people flocked to the door.

"Please remember to take all your shit, because we're stupid and instead of calling you and telling you you left something, we will simply throw it in the trash. Thank for flying Delta Airlines, you just put money in my pocket. We enjoyed torturing you with our nasty food, cold air, and warm drinks for two hours. Blah blah." Pacey spoke in a mocking voice as he and Joey slowly inched down the aisle.

"And *I'm* the bitter one?" she laughed.

They finally reached the door and headed down the slightly more spacious hallway. Upon reaching the lobby of the terminal, they spotted a tall, slender man with dark brown hair holding up a white sign that read 'Potter' in large black marker.

"Who are you?" Joey asked the man.

"Mike Jones, good to meet ya. I'm a friend of Bessie's. I'm in charge of getting you a car since you're not old enough and letting you know where your hotel is. Then I'm out of your hair. Shall we?" he said, leading the way towards baggage claim.

After a long ordeal with the baggage carousel, Joey was finally able to get her suitcase off and Mike led them to the rental car place.

"Jones," he said, walking up to the counter.

"Emerald Isle member, eh?. Go outside and wait for the bus. You'll get your info at the headquarters." the clerk said, typing some nonsense into the computer.

"So, you two involved?" he asked as they headed for the pick-up curb.

"NO!" they both said simultaneously.

"Whoa, okay, okay." he raised his hands, surrendering. They smiled.

"What is this for?" Pacey asked, referring to the small bus approaching the curb. Mike got on.

"It's taking us to the car rental place, blondie." Joey said sarcastically, dragging her suitcase--and herself--onto the bus.

"It's taking us to the car rental place, blondie." he mocked, getting on the bus.

"I heard that!"

"This is OUR car??" Pacey asked in awe.

"Well, sort of. It's under my name. They don't rent to under-21's. So be careful. And it's only for a week."

"Fair enough. Is that it?"

"Yeah. Here's the directions to the hotel. You gotta be at The World Congress Center at 8 AM. Those directions are on here too. Bye, kiddies. Heh heh." He walked off, and they didn't bother to ask if they'd see him again or where he was going.

"Well, Jo, it's just you and me now. Feel special?"

"Not special...especially displeased would be the proper term."

"Ooooh, good one. Put your stuff in the car so we can get the hell out of here. It smells funny."

"Fine." She put her stuff in the trunk and got in the car. And now begins my hellish week...she thought, trailing off. She didn't want to think of how miserable she was going to be with this guy for 5 days.