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So, you like Pacey and Joey, eh? You want more hits on your site? Well, join this webring then! It's that easy. Here's the html(if you've already joined):

<TABLE BORDER=10 CELLPADDING=3 CELLSPACING=3 WIDTH=500> <TR><TH> <a href=" SITE ID&prev"><img src="" align="left" WIDTH=125HEIGHT=80></a> <a href=" SITE ID&next"><img src="" align="right" WIDTH=125HEIGHT=80></a> This <a href="">Pacey and Joey Fans</a> site is owned by <BR> <a href="mailto:YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS"><FONT SIZE="2">YOUR NAME</FONT></a>. <BR><BR> <FONT SIZE="2"> Feel like joining the <A HREF="">Pacey and Joey Fans Webring?</a> </TH></TR> <TR><TH> <a href=" SITE ID;sprev">[Skip Previous]</a> <a href=" SITE ID;prev">[Previous]</a> <a href=" SITE ID;next">[Next]</a> <a href=" SITE ID;snext">[Skip next]</a> <a href=" SITE ID;random">[Random]</a> <a href=" SITE ID;next5">[Next 5]</a> <a href=";list">[List Sites]</a> </TH></TR></TABLE></a><br>

It'll look like this:

This Pacey and Joey Fans site is owned by

Feel like joining the Pacey and Joey Fans Webring?
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