August 1, 1999:

-Fixed all links (pull down and other links) so they're compatible with Tripod.

July 31, 1999:

-Added a new support image to the 'Things I Support' page

-Fixed the dead links in the pull-down menu

July 30, 1999:

-Added a separate page for my stories, which can be found on either the P/J or Triangle story page.

-Added part one of my new story, I Love You Came Too Late

-Added a preview for my next story.

July 25, 1999:

-Added 5 new pics and 2 wallpapers to the P/J pics page for a grand total of...21 pics and 2 wallpapers. hehe.

July 24, 1999:

-Added 4 new pics to the P/J pics page.

July 21, 1999:

-Added Parts 14-15 of 'Something to Talk About' by Ainsley(P/J)

-Added Part 6 of 'See You In Eternity' by Ainsley (P/J)

-Added Part 9, Field of Dreams, of 'Pacey and Joey: The Series' by Laura(P/J)

June 29, 1999:

-Added Chapter Two of 'Adventures In Atlanta' by Jade(P/J)

-Added Parts 1-5 of 'See You In Eternity' by Ainsley(P/J)

-Added Parts 1-13 of 'Something to Talk About' by Ainsley(P/J)

-Added Parts 1-3 of 'Garden of Eden' by Bitsy(P/J)

-Added Parts 1-8 of 'Pacey and Joey The Series' by Laura(P/J)

-Added 'Our Town' by Laura(completed series, Triangle)

-Added Parts 1-5 of 'Object of My Affection' by Laura(Triangle)